• 3D-2D-3D Technology for Hip Implant Positioning

    Beginning with a pre-operative CT or MRI 3D reconstruction, Radlink AI creates a working "MESH" model. Utilizing the hospital's existing radiology equipment, Radlink allows surgeons to capture & analyze an intra-operative xray. From this xray, AI recreates the 3D "MESH" model without the use of pins or arrays. The 3D MESH model will match intra-operative images to pre-op standing pelvis views. This helps surgeons to account for implant orientation while visualizing spinopelvic relationships as well as femur position. By manipulating the 3D model, surgeons can normalize the intra-operative image to the preferred anatomical position to review acetabular cup placement, limb length, & offset.

  • Benefits for Surgeons, Patients, Hospitals

  • Open Platform Solutions

    Seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow. Compatible with all implant brands and surgical approaches.
  • Non-Invasive to Patient

    No pre-op CT or MRI required. No arrays or invasive pins anchored to patient.
  • Clinically Proven Results

    Scientifically validated in clinical studies to improve accuracy and precision in component positioning.