• High Speed Digital Imaging

    Radlink, in collaboration with our physician partners, designs, builds, installs and supports creative digital imaging solutions.  From our early days in radiology we learned that the perfect solution for orthopedics, including hip, knee, shoulder, and ankle arthroplasty, trauma and spine typically begins and ends with an x-ray.  We enhance the radiographic image for orthopedics using algorithms to assess angular and linear relationships between important anatomical landmarks.  The surgeon is able to confidently proceed with the procedure knowing measurements or estimates previously done in his/her head are now mathematically precise.  The image is captured by standard mobile x-ray or C-Arm equipment.  We work with any hardware on the market no matter how old.  After capturing the image our software displays, enhances, manipulates, distributes and stores the data.  Surgeon's Checklist assists the surgeon in the OR by providing measurements and feedback during surgery, resulting in superior patient outcomes.


  • Thomas Hacking, Chairman, President & CEO

  • Wenchao Tao, Chief Technology Officer