Radlink CR Pro

    Advanced Computed Radiography for Accuracy and Productivity

    Radlink CR Pro is a fully automated CR system that addresses all of your digital x-ray needs. CR Pro integrates seamlessly with your existing practice and has the lowest cost of ownership and best customer support in the industry.

  • Small-CR-Pro

  • User Friendly
    Our touch-screen software interface is intuitive and user-friendly. Plate processing is rapid (less than 45 seconds) for improved productivity. Installation and training can be completed in a single day and will fit into any workflow environment - whether stand-alone, PACS, or teleradiology. The CR Pro is a self-contained unit on wheels that can be easily moved throughout your facility.

    Superior Image Quality
    CR Pro produces image quality that is top of the line. Our core technology utilizes proprietary sealed fibers (patent pending) that maximize energy transfer and preserve image quality. Radlink’s advanced post-processing software, included at no extra charge, generates images with improved contrast and visibility even at lower x-ray doses.


  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
    Our cassette-based system maximizes the life of costly phosphor-image plates. The operator never risks causing damage by handling the image plate. To further maximize service life, the image plate is mounted on a rigid substrate and is never bent or touched by the feed mechanism.  A typical private practice, with 20-30 x-rays per day, saves about $20,000 per year on film costs. The CR Pro pays for itself in less than 2 years.

    Improves Patient Care
    With the CR Pro your images are ready to view within seconds, leading to quicker diagnosis and reduced waiting time for patients. The web-based PACS system enables remote diagnosis through teleradiology, and the viewing software helps illustrate and explain complex diagnoses to the patient.


    • Compact, mobile computed radiography
    • Embedded CPU
    • Image Acquisition
    • DICOM Transmission and Printing
    • Multi-Modality Router and Worklist
    • Local Archives
    • CD burner
    • Touch screen flat panel display