DR Retrofit for Portable X-ray Generator

    Upgrade any existing portable X-ray machine into a mobile digital radiography (DR) system

    State-of-the-art, system reliability and low maintenance DR Retrofit for Radiology

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  • DR retrofit_bk 11.22.16
  • Flat panel detector


    DR retrofit_2


    Radlink Pro-Imaging Acquisition and Post-Processing Software. Wireless image acquisition, transfer, display, analysis and storage.

    Permanently mounted Tablet PC for image acquisition

    Lightweight Cesium wireless 14” x 17” Flat Panel Detector, carbon fiber and magnesium protective case, battery station

    No X-ray Generator connection required - panel wirelessly detects radiation exposure and works universally with all brands of X-ray generators

    Built-in PACS and DICOM connectivity

    Eliminates cost of managing, storing, processing film

    Reduces patient radiation exposure by up to 50%

  • Radlink Proprietary Software:

    Automatic Image Stitching Software: Enables display of entire spine or lower extremities on a single image

    Surgeon's Checklist® Software: Allows surgeons to intra-operatively evaluate acetabular cup position, limb length discrepancy, and femoral offset during implant procedures by using mathematical algorithms to evaluate distances between anatomical landmarks. 

    Panoramic Fluoro: Panoramic view generates a full AP pelvis image captured by any C-arm without distortion. Revolutionary pano technology eliminates parallax.