Radlink GPS Tower with Surgeon's Checklist® Software

    Non-invasive, real-time, Intra-operative radiographic information and feedback offers technologically advanced outcome for the Orthopedic Surgeon.  Radlink GPS improves productivity, quality, and accuracy of implant placement. 


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    Surgeon’s Checklist® software for Posterior and/or Anterior approach THA ensures proper implant fit
    Wirelessly obtain images from any x-ray panel or C-arm in 4 seconds
    Compare pre-op images to intra-op images taken during surgery
    Software provides surgeon real-time feedback and verification on limb length positioning and correction, offset, abduction and anteversion
    No Arrays, no invasive ex-pins in patient, no need to break scrub

    Dual 24" Touch Screen Monitors

    Lightweight Cesium wireless 14” x 17” Flat Panel Detector (Cassette)

    Radlink Pro-Imaging Acquisition software

    Built in Templating Software

    Local embedded PACS stores any DICOM images

    Stream private practice pre-op images to OR without using hospital PACS

    Download Features Overview


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