• Radlink Proprietary Hub Software

    Radlink Hub software is designed to create healthcare communities by wirelessly connecting large volumes of PACS users.  Radlink has successfully connected thousands of remote sites in emerging growth countries, thereby allowing medical professionals to deliver first world health care to their far flung citizenry in the form of Remote Diagnostic Consultation. 

    In China, Radlink has created healthcare communities that connect over 800 remote hospitals and clinics to Radiologists and Surgeons located at major US hospitals. An x-ray is captured in the field where it is displayed on Radlink CR Pro or DR Pro. After an initial diagnosis is made, the image is transferred to a Central hospital in the Province.  There a determination might be made to seek an advanced opinion from a US partner.  All this happens in real time.


  • HUB Cedars

  • Image Acquisition and Post-Processing:
    Radlink image acquisition software is fully DICOM compliant and engineered for streamlined workflow. The post-processing software is advanced but still extremely user friendly for the technician. It combines noise reduction, histogram equalization, edge detection, and graphical object processing to generate images that enhance the true structure. For the clinician, this means improved visibility and contrast, even at lower x-ray exposures.


    Image Viewing and Manipulation:
    Radlink's image viewing software was designed with both the physician and patient in mind. The touch screen interface, superb image quality, and viewing features (e.g., side-by-side) makes diagnosis quicker and more accurate. Importantly, the software can be used interactively with the patient in a clinical setting. Detailed reports and notes can be added easily and automatically to linked to each patient file and tied your existing EMR system. Reports can be entered using various editor of your choice, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer browser, or our own report editor. Each editor supports advanced features like customizable report templates. You can burn a CD for the patient with the touch of a button (software included) so they can view the image at home or share with another physician. Radlink's image viewing software is developed with Microsoft.Net technologies, and runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows XP PCs.


  • ThinPACS for Image Archiving and Communications:
    Unlike other manufacturers who charge thousands of dollars for a PACS, we INCLUDE the PACS with purchase of CR Pro, GPS, or Tablet. Radlink's unique PACS is ideally suited for the private practice and small-medical center setting. The system is highly fault tolerant with a redundant hardware and software configuration, along with automatic backup and disaster recovery for HIPAA compliance. It comes with 2 terabytes of storage (5 years of images for a typical practice) and is scalable to 20 terabytes. Because our system is tied to the web, images can be accessed remotely by any radiologist of your choosing.