• Surgeon's Checklist® Software

    Surgeon's Checklist® software analyzes actual patient images in real time and provides surgeons with real-time, intra-operative assessment, feedback and placement of implants. Surgeons can intra-operatively evaluate acetabular cup position, limb length discrepancy, and femoral offset during Total Hip Arthroplasty. Compare intra-operative images to a pre-operative image or operative hip to the contralateral hip to assess component position and sizing.  


    • Panoramic Fluoro

    • Point of Rotation

    • Stitching (C-Arm images)

    • "Tracking Ellipse"

    • Radiographic ellipse overlay for inclination and anteversion angles

    • Digital instant overlay of pre-op and intra-op limbs for LLD and offset verification

    • Illioischial line to tear drop angle allows for accurate inclination

    • Software auto-detects bony landmarks

    • Eliminates cost and time of printing and shortens surgery times

  • Anterior View Pro 640_480



    • Panoramic Fluoro

    • Pelvic Tracker

    • Stitching (X-ray images)

    • Limb length measurement:  automatic with either tear drop or trans-ischial line

    • Offset measurement

    • Cup abduction angle measurement

    • Cup anteversion angle measurement

    • Automatically prompts patient rotation correction suggestions

    • Pelvic diameter (Tilt) ratio calculation

    • Precise magnification calculation

  • Posterior View Pro 640_480