Parallax-free full AP pelvis image using any C-arm

    Panoramic view generates a full AP pelvis image captured by any C-arm without distortion. Revolutionary new technology eliminates parallax for Anterior Approach surgeons. Posterior Approach surgeons who prefer the lateral position may now use Radlink's software with any C-arm to generate a full AP pelvis image without distortion.

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    Pano how it works

  • How it Works:

    • Pano software captures live fluoro video or static X-ray images as the C-arm moves across the pelvis to generate a parallax-free panoramic view of the pelvis


    • Surgeon’s Checklist® software analyzes image in real time to determine limb length measurements and all relevant parameters pertaining to THA, including “true” cup position, apposition, screw position, offset, femoral component sizing and orientation


    • Intra-Operative Verification of proper implant positioning based on actual patient image